Taranaki Veterans Golf


 "The Pennants competition today (28 Sept) has been cancelled.."   


September tournament champions:- 


Frank Reegan, Kaitake Golf Club, winner with 39 points.

Heather Vivian, Stratford Golf Club, winner with 35 points.



Up-coming tournaments:-

(tee off 9.00am)

12 Oct.        Inglewood Golf Club

9 Nov.         Stratford Golf Club

14 Dec.        Urenui Golf Club


 2020 pennants competition:- 

The 2020 Pennants completion will be organised by the Inglewood Golf Club.

The first round of the Pennants competition is Monday, 27 July 2020, at the Fitzroy Golf Club. Tee off 9.00am

31 Aug.   Waitara Golf Club

28 Sept.  Te Ngutu Golf Club

5 Oct.      Kaitake Golf Club

2 Nov.     Westown Golf Club

23 Nov.    Finals at the Inglewood Golf Club


Who are we?

Taranaki Veterans Golf, known locally as Taranaki District Seniors' Golf Association, run monthly tournaments usually on the second Monday of the month. These monthly tournaments are spread across most of the golf clubs in the Taranaki region, from Urenui in the north to Hawera in the south. These tournaments cater for both 18 and 9 hole players.

There is also a pennants completion with eight of the region's clubs participating.


Membership and fees

Our membership is drawn from most of the 18 clubs in Taranaki, and is open to men and women who have attained the age of 50, and who have an official NZ Golf handicap.  

Annual subscription is $10.00 p.a.                           

Monthly tournament entry fee $10.00.






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